Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day, and boiled eggs and crisp toasted bread are probably one of the most favoured breakfast treats. Both are as quick-to-cook and delicious as they are nutritious and digestible. We have collected some handy kitchen appliances that are sure to help you start off your morning with your favourite dish in the most fun and hassle-free manner possible.

Slide toaster by Harry Rigler

Initially invented in the 1890s, the toaster evolved to the appearance we know it today by in the late 1920s, and hasn’t changed radically ever since. Aiming to experiment with the good old gadget’s functionality, British designer Harry Rigler has reinvented the trusted image of the appliance by replacing a pop-up mechanism we all are so deeply used to with an innovative slide-out one, which rolls the toasting grill to the side like a rollable smartphone. Just as its name suggests, the Slide concept features a tray that slides out for the user to put in the bread and slide it back in.

Slide toaster by Harry Rigler

The slide-up tray has a translucent design element to it so that the user can keep an eye on the toast turning brown. Not unlike like conventional toasters, the toasting level can be set with an adjustment LED dial, which is aided here by audio indications to keep the user well informed on the desired level of crispness.

Slide toaster by Harry Rigler

The designer also hopes that the Slide toaster would look more presentable on the kitchen countertop matching most of the contemporary interior designs.

Toast by Yezin Shin

The toaster concept suggested by Korean designer Yezin Shin is not so revolutionary. However, her beautifully minimal design, too, challenges the traditional archetype of a vertical pop-up toaster. What she suggests is in fact an oversimplified oven for slices of bread that can be used sideways, enabling the user to cook their toasts with butter, cheese, or a variety of toppings on it.

Toast by Yezin Shin

Inspired by the shape of the ubiquitous white bread slice (and literally shaped like one), Shin’s toaster is intended to toast one slice of bread at a time, no matter vertically or horizontally. When used lying down, the parting line is designed to include all the ranges of the bread inlet so that the contents do not escape sideways when the toaster is opened.

Bang Bang egg cooker by Lo Chi Di (via yanko design)

Lo Chi Di has taken cues from the conventional pop-up toaster design to conceptualize an innovative egg cooker. To prepare eggs with the help of the Bang Bang steamer, the user should place them in the designated holes and pour sufficient water in the holding tray, which doubles as a wireless power supply.

Bang Bang egg cooker by Lo Chi Di

Adjusting the timer with the help of the egg-shaped knob and lowering up to four eggs into the holes starts the water heating. Once the eggs are done, the cooker pops them out, so they can be removed with a provided pair of tongs.

Eggland poacher by Lilach Eytan for OTOTO (also header image)

Benedict eggs are probably one of the most sophisticated combinations of eggs and toasted bread. However, poaching an egg for this exquisite breakfast might be stressful to the amateur cook. That’s where the Eggland poacher by Israeli designer and HIT Academy of Design graduate Lilach Eytan comes in handy.

Eggland poacher by Lilach Eytan for OTOTO

The user should simply place this food-grade silicone device shaped like a pool-tube into almost-boiling water and add a few drops of oil before cracking the egg into its cavity. The handle of the device, which is modeled after and inflatable palm tree, can be used to pull the poacher out of the water and flipped over your toast.