When one comes to think of the extraordinary power art has over us, it often comes down to whether the message that artists implant into their work resonate with our view of the world. And if it does, some art pieces not just pause us for a few moments but linger in our minds for much longer.

De Evolution by Lyke Kirwan and Lyndsay

Whenever you come across an installation of tree branches intertwined to recreate an image of a human being then you are most likely standing in front of a sculpture by South Korean artist Sun-Hyuk Kim. Except that these recreations  have in fact got nothing to do with tree branches. The artist welds stainless steel so craftily that it looks just like a tree having a physical immediacy in its forms.

A Forgotten Memory by Sun-Hyuk Kim

The artist is seeking the truth of human existence and this is the way he interprets it in his ethereal art pieces. You can catch up on his solo show which will take place in South Korea’s Suhadam Art Space from June 7 through August 5, 2019.

Ignant Art by Sun-Hyuk Kim

The artistic duo of photographer Luke Kirwan and installation designer Lyndsay Milne McLeod have been working on commercial projects for quite a long time, before they came to create their personal De Evolution project as a response to the impact that mankind has on the planet.

De Evolution by Lyke Kirwan and Lyndsay

Masterful use of digital art resulted in an explosion of imagery with a strong message embedded in it – using the nature for profit has never made any good neither for people, nor for the environment. By complementing artificial objects typical of today’s civilization with elements intrinsic to the insects – for example, wings – the artists suggest that all creations made by mankind are as subtle and momentary as a life of an insect.

De Evolution by Lyke Kirwan and Lyndsay

The artists view their “sculptural otherworldly installations as infused with beauty in decay. Some depict surreal toxic worlds dying from overuse of pesticides and perishing pollinators and reference man’s lack of reverence for nature, whilst others celebrate unequalled energy, which could be interpreted, as natures will to resist any battle over control and the plundering of its natural resources.”