SOFTlab is a design studio based in New York City focused on producing digitally fabricated large scale sculptures, interactive design and immersive digital video installations. Each of their spectacular works has an inner idea and make you “stumble on” it by captivating use of light and dazzling colours.


Mirror Mirror by SOFTlab

Having a diameter of almost 8 metres and a 245 cm height, Mirror Mirror art object was exhibited to contemplate on from both inside and outside. Fulgent array of mirrors is not just a random choice made by the designers. Their intention was to refer to the special type of Fresnel lens which was considered to be a cutting edge technology back in the 1800s. The system could work via the use of several prisms which concentrated the light source ultimately directing it into a horizontal beam then projected outward. This installation also provides an opportunity for interaction to any passer-by –  it can, in a way, react to the voice and body.

Melissa – We are Flowers by SOFTlab

The artists’ passion for extremely vibrant colours has led them to the creation of the most exuberant flower carpet specifically for the Melissa Gallery in New York. The gigantic installation Melissa – We are Flowers inspired by nature and produced with organic materials, definitely contributes to the resplendent atmosphere. 20 000 translucent flowers and the delicate arrangement of radiant petals resembles an array of wondrous butterflies having the whole gamut of colours.

Currents by SOFTlab

The innovative project Currents transcends boundaries between technology and nature as it serves the purpose of projecting the airflow map in any part of the globe.

Currents by SOFTlab

Advanced technologies can now react to the weather pattern on an interactive wall which is equipped with aluminium tiles able to fold and rotate thus representing a field of vectors driven by currents of flow. Such an undulating construction has an integrated user interface which enables a user search through diverse cities, and provides the information of the air quality in them.