How will our cities change in the future? The idea that haunts the minds of architects, designers, and philosophers all over the world. New projects and suggestions keep emerging constantly — from taxibots, flying and floating, to hydroelectric waterfall prisons and jetway hotels. Check out the most interesting urban initiatives (existing ones or projects), and be sure to share your own — to win our #BEOPENDesignCity open call!

Margot Krasojević has proposed the project of this revolving railing bridge to the Ordos Government, Mongolia. It is flexible and can be relocated by sailing along the Wulanmulun river in Ordos city.  (via designboom)

Dubai Launches World’s First 3D Printed Office (via inhabitat)

This bug robot is a flying water taxi designed by Alain Thébault and Anders Bringdal (via messynessychic).

Metromorph concept car designed by Roman Mistiuk, created to double as an elevator to park outside the window as a balcony!


The project POP-UP by THIRD NATURE, a Danish architecture firm, is an all-in-one: a stacked green space, car park, and water reservoir.

The Bartini flying car can take off and land vertically (via Electric VTOL)


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