Imagine a necklace that is as functional as it is beautiful. These designers propose jewelry that can empower women, defend them from physical and sexual harassment, or even address the problem of global hunger.

As part of a speculative project that invited students to envision gadgets for American jeweller Tiffany & Co based on emerging technologies, young designers from Brunel University have conceived wearables and accessories that help women defend themselves from physical and sexual harassment. The project was a direct response to the high-profile murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa – two British women who were attacked and killed last year while walking home alone at night.

Tiffany Apprise by Chloe McCourt

Chloe McCourt developed necklaces that document workplace harassment, while Sophie Lazenby’s torque necklace acts as a non-violent defence mechanism that can be worn while walking home alone.

Tiffany Lux by Sophie Lazenby from Brunel University

The device is counterposed to conventional mace and pepper sprays, which are considered firearms and are therefore illegal in some countries, including the UK. Pulse and motion sensors detect potential threats and activate LED lights integrated into the front and back of the necklace. Flickering lights disorient the attacker, which gives the woman a chance to either run, call for help on the phone or go to the nearest shop.

Both necklaces are finished in the brand’s signature Tiffany Blue.

Emergency Tampon by Katarina Hornwall (also header image)

Aiming to help women overcome embarrassment that is associated with sanitary products, Swedish designer Katarina Hornwall has created a necklace with a pendant that can be used to carry tampons for those “in need of immediate menstrual assistance”.

Emergency Tampon by Katarina Hornwall

The aim has been to create a design that everyone can feel comfortable wearing. Made from solid aluminium and brass bars, the Emergency Tampon necklace pendant takes shape of a metallic case mounted on a thin chain that is designed for a tampon to fit neatly inside. The pendant’s domed tip is made with a computer numerically controlled (CNC) lathe. The split line for the cap is located at a position so it also resembles a bullet. The design is supposed to be a bit provoking, letting the normally taboo product be a bit of a show off.

Emergency Tampon by Katarina Hornwall

Aware of all the dirt loose tampons gather when carried at the bottom of a handbag, the designer hopes the case will also function as protection, to say nothing of making one easier access the sanitary product when needed.

Food Necklace by His-Ju Chang assisted by Yu-Lei Chu (via yankodesign)

In a bid to offer a solution to global hunger, designer His-Ju Chang has conceptualized the Food Necklace. It is created using the food surplus in “over-consumption” areas of the world, such as whole vegetable or fruit including peel and fresh or root and leaves, that are dried out to create nutrition balls. When a small meal or snack is needed, these balls can be prepared for consumption placing them in water, milk, or soup.