Brooke DiDonato and her astonishing photographs make the public wonder what their inner meaning may be. The visual artist who comes from Ohio and now lives and works in New York shares her own extraordinary vision of reality.

The things one may consider ordinary and not worth attention take on a different perspective when Brooke DiDonato takes her camera. She captures the most customary objects and scenes, but by creating the most unusual combinations turns them into art object to contemplate on.

Stilettos, 2017 Resin and stilettos, 17 x 14 inches. Sculpture photographed in Brooklyn, New York

Brooke enjoys capturing her models and leaving their stories unfinished. She hides their faces in the most ordinary backgrounds thus they appear obscured, subsumed or lost in the environments. Her work creates a sense of playfulness as one instinctively tries to pursue the message hidden in it. Being unable to extract this information, one can’t help but develop one’s own original interpretation for these fluid and dream-like pictures that take their characters beyond the habitual reality.

Blankslate by Brooke DiDonato

Her work includes public art pieces such as ‘Take What You Need’. A flower carpet engulfed by a hole in a wall outside a building is another surreal work, an otherworldly element in our everyday reality.

Take what you need by Brooke DiDonato

“The bulk of my images are set in real locations, but the characters in them are often exaggerated or imagined. I’m interested in blending these different elements together and delivering them through a medium that was traditionally thought of as a way to archive our realities,” the artist explains herself.

As Usual by Brooke DiDonato

As Usual by Brooke DiDonato