The Quintessenz artistic duo — Thomas Granseuer and Tomislav Topic — recently completed a semi-transparent fabric installation at the C.AR.M.E Art Centre, a former church in Brescia, Italy.

Carme Genesis installation, photo C.AR.M.E Art Centre

The duo is famous for vibrant installations, combining painting, moving images and colourful textiles, suspended in rows. The new project was created following the architectural rhythm of the former church, inextricably linked to architecture. The centrepiece of the work is the use of the now unmistakable trademark of Quintessenz: overlapping and interweaving colored fabrics.

Carme Genesis installation, photo C.AR.M.E Art Centre

Space is the fundamental inspiration for Quintessenz. So there is no wonder they have chosen a former church as a place for their new installation. Due to the voluminous space available, guests have access to many perspectives on the artwork. To Quintessenz, colour is more than just a form. It is the content itself. In their new installation Carme Genesis, the choice of particularly soft pastel hues creates space for the colours used thus changing the spectator’s perception of the surrounding space.

Carme Genesis installation, photo C.AR.M.E Art Centre

With roots in both graffiti-culture and chromatics, Quintessenz combine painting, moving image, and installation. The vertical development of this work, which starts from the bottom rises slowly towards the apse, seems to symbolize a bridge between the earth and the sky, clear reference to the previous use of the building.

You can catch the Carme Genesis until March 3, 2019, and check out more of Quintessenz’s works on their website and instagram.