What will the future of architecture and design be like? We are in the process of globalisation, and so the historical and cultural boarderlines are slowly dissolving and disappearing. Or… are these only the deceptive appearances?

The fate of the grand cities of the past which are facing the decline at the moment; the mixture of cultures in the architecture of the future;  the building materials which are having a dialogue with time – these are the subjects that Philippe Daverio approaches with wit, class and knowledge. 

Philippe Daverio is a world renowned art critic, culture expert, journalist and TV host.

He has been a contributor to the Panorama, Vogue, Liberal magazines, Avvenire daily newspaper, a special correspondent of TV program ARTE on RAI 3 TV channel. He is also the director of the famed magazine ART e Dossier, an art columnist on the Style Magazine, a supplement to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. Philippe Daverio is a full Professor at the University of Architecture in Palermo.

Curator of international exhibitions, Philippe Daverio also was the Moderator in BE OPEN and Interni LEGACY Joint Press Conference in 2012 and in BEOPEN Sense & Tastes Talks in 2013, where this interview was taken. These days, the process he is talking about still occupies the minds of designers around the world.

“What we are inventing today is a new taste in architecture and design. It has origins, relations (very important) to materials, relation with time. Not to be totally consumeristic, but to invent a thing that can live in time”.