“Oh, now I understand, it’s something that was buried in the past and now it can be served to protect the people from the future”, — this emotional testimonial was shared by one of the witnesses of the DIY bunker created by architect Martín Marro.

Project Bunker by Martin Marro

Born in Argentina, the artist explains that this project is related to an investigation which started in 2012. It reconstructs the memory of the house where he was born and raised, formerly a typical service station of the 1940s. “The gas oil tank, I transformed it into a Bunker-Cabin and later I perpetuate it, capturing the time, thinking that the space I made present is an archaeology of the future”.

Project Bunker by Martin Marro

Martín took an old diesel oil tank from his local area in Córdoba, Argentina. The yellow-coloured bunker had been buried underground for 70 years and was discovered by the artist next to a roadside service station. In essence, the architect found an equivalent of  ‘a capsule of time’ and converted it into ‘a capsule of living’ which has served its purpose and found its purport in the future. At first glance, it might seem a usual cylinder-shaped tank, not at all striking out of the ordinary when you look at it from the outside. However, you might be bewildered as soon as you peek inside and find a fully equipped sleeping space.

Project Bunker by Martin Marro

This art object might not have any sumptuous or opulent elements in it, but it sure has an embedded idea inside. It represents the relationship of the future and the past, emotions and ponderings, nature and culture which all ultimately broach the question of progressive ideas, quite topical nowadays.