Current consumption rates constantly increase, and the amount of things people dispose of increases as a result. To avoid the severe consequences both humans and nature are going to face if the problem of over-production remains unsolved, product designers find exciting and unexpected ways to turn old used and discarded objects into forward-thinking and sustainable furniture pieces.

Canopy Collection by Layer for RÆBURN (also header image)

London-based multi-platform design agency Layer collaborated with RÆBURN, a fashion brand with passion for sustainable and responsible design, on the limited edition Canopy Collection comprising four rocking chairs and two screens made of recycled parachute upholstery and welded steel frames.

Canopy Collection by Layer for RÆBURN

The simple, modernist steel structures provide a “blank canvas” to showcase the different textures, qualities and tactility of the parachute textile.

Canopy Collection by Layer for RÆBURN

One of the strongest and sturdiest materials, the ultra-thin nylon is wrapped, slung and hung around the framework of the chairs to create padding, webbing and cover solutions with simple fixation points.

Canopy Collection by Layer for RÆBURN

The screens explore the translucency of the textile, their geometric colour-blocked designs making them perfect statement pieces for a variety of settings, from home to retail and hospitality.

Patterned Pallet Chair by Craft Combine

Korean-based design studio Craft Combine came up with an idea of repurposing old used pallets that are generally just disposed of or incinerated. They created the Patterned Pallet Chair entirely from old pallet parts, conserving the wood’s original scratches and marks as a part of each pallet’s own story. To make the furniture harmless to the users, the team only used wood treated with heat (HT) but not methyl bromide.

Patterned Pallet Chair by Craft Combine

Notwithstanding the fact that they are produced of such a mundane rough material, the chairs are as decorative as they are functional. The geometric pattern of coloured acrylic plates fitted onto the backrest is inspired by Art Deco, one of the main design styles when the pallet was invented.

Furniture and home accessories by ecoBirdy

Charlie the Chair and Kuisa the Table by ecoBirdy

After two years spent exploring ways to sustainable recycle old plastic toys, two Antwerp-based designers founded ecoBirdy, a new brand of children’s furniture and home accessories that crafts design pieces made totally from plastic waste from unused or discarded toys. All the waste has been carefully sorted and cleaned during the recycling process to ensure the items are 100% safe for kids.

Charlie the Chair by ecoBirdy

The collection includes Charlie the Chair, Luisa the Table, Kiwi the Storage Container, and Rhino the Lamp, which are not only adorable but also raise awareness about sustainability. The design is also safe for the little ones, with its ergonomic shapes and rounded edges. The furniture is light and stable, for kids to move around freely without a fear to tip over.

Kiwi the Storage Container by ecoBirdy

Recycled pieces of plastic toys are clearly recognizable and make up the distinctive speckled look, making the items vivid eyecatchers, while the material’s smooth silky surface is pleasant to the touch and easy to clean.