If you happen to be in Paris then take time to visit Ocean Memories, the latest exhibition of designer Mathieu Lehanneur, at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Rue de le Verrerie, in the Marais district.

He’s created a stunning series of marble sculptures as part of his Liquid Marble series, bringing a surreal, materialized vision of an ocean frozen in its movement.

The gallery’s description of the work explains: “As a three-dimensional still picture, Ocean Memories works to capture the complex movements of waves and currents using digitally-designed and made blocks of white and grey marble or polished bronze. The pieces make it impossible to mistake the relief of the water and the environment is reflected and the light distorted as if real parts of oceans seem to have been extracted, intact, before being fixed in matter.”
Through this new collection, Mathieu Lehanneur seeks a permanent balance between geometric and organic with each of the works revealing this fluid and progressive transition between the two states of matter. “The transition from solid to liquid is a magic of physics. A moment of tilting from static to movement, a passage from the inert to the living,” he says.

Exhibition is open until June, 22