Dear friends

Today we are giving you the longlist of our #BeOpenDesignDetails open call participants! The top 15 were chosen from the most liked/viewed Instagram posts with the tag #BeOpenDesignDetails:

  1. saiffaisal.designworkshop 
  2. linestory
  3. differniture 
  4. luciaspaccaforno 
  5. manuhitagupta 
  6. esthershavon 
  7. designclinicindia 
  8. alubiadiseno 
  9. aquadro_studio
  10. dupreez.abby 
  11. fmgg8 
  13. judehank2 
  14. firssthand 
  15. pixelkar 

Once again the BE OPEN team thanks all the participants for taking part in the call to action! We have been lucky to witness your work and artistic vision! 

Please, follow us for updates: we will publish the finalists’ list shortly . And if you haven’t found yourself in the list, please do not be discouraged, the new challenge is coming up in June!