By their very nature, artists always look for new ways to express themselves. Luckily, the technology of today allows many. The particular focus is on developing 3D art which allows one to create and bring their inspirational works to life in a new voluminous manner.

Design lad applies his skill to produce artwork which showcases different aspects of our everyday life.

A London-based freelance 3D illustrator and animation director Matt Wood, known as Design lad, loves to create bold, playful and colorful works focusing one particular simple idea he selects.

Passing on colds by not covering your mouth when sneezing and coughing

With his latest series ‘Bad Tube Etiquette’ he highlights people’s bad behavior on the London Underground. He created a series of 3D characters portraying typical annoyances our fellow passengers can be guilty of.

Playing music loudly

Matt says he “wanted to look at human behavior in a playful, humorous way.” This is one of his passion projects – he believes it to be very important for an artist to have ones, as such projects show who they really are.

The series of 8 illustrations, bold and colorful, are meant to draw attention to the poor etiquette of commuters. The usual suspects are: not giving up their seats to people who actually need them, taking up a space with shopping bags, eating smelly food or playing music loudly on phones. The artist presents this in a humorous way, rather than setting the actual scene on the tube, to help capture people’s attention.

Bending over backwards to avoid eye contact and giving up a seat to someone who needs it more

Matt’s work will undoubtedly make you smile and, who knows, rethink your own routine tube habits, as some scenes may look familiar.

Matt’s another project, Plant power, celebrates his newly found passion for plant foods.

A power Plant lunch

Having discovered that a plant-based diet seems to him a surprisingly and incredibly vibrant one, he created a number of tasty postcards devoted to the power of plants. These postcards represent his respect for the “power of plants” and are a day’s worth of simple comfort foods everyone can enjoy.

A Power plant dinner

Those “veggie” superheroes do look impressive. Such artwork aims to encourages people to choose healthy food over the fast foods many are inclined to prefer.

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